The Quest to an Awesome Topic

Should I write about the trending victory of Miss Universe PH? Or about the recent MMFF?


If I write about it, then my target market could be anyone.


Sadly, I am not writing for a larger market. I am not writing to be famous. I write to express. So, maybe, I will write anything on my head, whoever my readers may be.


Though, I could actually write my opinions about those stuffs. Like, it was really a big break for the PH to win the Miss Universe after 42 years. (right?) And that Pia really deserves the crown. In her years of experience, she already know how beauty pageants work, those years actually serves as a preparation to something bigger, to her dreams.


From the way she walks, the way she deal in front of the crowd, on how the expressions on her face transitioned on stage, it was very ‘aral na aral’, as she answers the questions in a very composed way like duh only she had the selfless answer, for thinking that winning the crown is not only a sign of beauty and confidence but also a responsibility and also for pointing out that beauty is not only defined on what the eye meets but also what is within our hearts.


But hey, I think I am not that knowledgeable about those things and I just might misinform my readers. (As if I have readers)


But duh, its only an opinion. I don’t have to state facts. As long as I am not an expert to that thing, no one can sue me. No one can sue me Libel, fraud or anything because I was just exercising my right as a human which is to express and also because I’m innocent.


So why sue me? Duuhh. Are you out of your mind? We are actually free people, having free spirits, we could say or write anything we want unless we harm others because that would be violating their right. So just please mind your own rights, and I’ll mind myself too. So? Are we good?


But then, I know I can’t prevent people from bashing me. But, let them! It’s their right anyway. As I have my right too, to express opinions.


So, where am I again? Ahh, what should I write about? I hope I wasn’t wasting my time writing this but I do, hope more that you aren’t wasting your time reading this.


But hey, I’m not saying that you shoudn’t read this. That is because you will never know if you really did waste your time reading this unless you really read this. Get my point?


If you have, then tell yourself “I’m smart! How come I didn’t know that?”


And if you don’t, read this aloud “I’m so dumb! How come I didn’t know that?”


So, are we good? K, Move on. But one more thing, if you’ve found yourself getting dumber reading this, so you better watch out. You better not cry. I’m telling you why.


Why? Because, it will just make you much dumber, so better stop. Because this is exclusive for openminded and intelligent people only. So if you think you’re not, then I’m sorry but I hate to say goodbye.


But, oh, don’t ya say you’re really dumb? OMG! Don’t pull yourself down. Atleast, for minutes, believe that you are intelligent, so continue reading my friend.

I ain’t gonna stop you from your false beliefs. Hahahaha.


So now, Let’s get this thing started!


Since, I still haven’t decided what to write. Let me just introduce myself first.


Hi. I am your new friend, new clown, new sheerleader!




Name —

I am wittywriter/sheerleader. I’m actually undecided. I find them both amusing. So let’s just say their synonymous eventhough their not. For my sake, please. Not Pete’s, not yours. Thank you.


Age —

I’ve been living 19 years on earth and I can’t remember how long I have stayed on Mars and how did the aliens brought me here.


Sex —

It doesn’t matter unless you have a crush on me. Lels.

Gender? You judge. You imagine. Hoho


Loc —

 (PH latitude, longitude)


What else? Let’s make this my Slumbook. A book you may wan’t to slam on me.


Favorite stuffs? Oh, a lot! That it will take you hours to read all of those so I just might want to lessen your work.


Let’s jump to,




I dedicate these to all living things, human or not, that let your free spirit do what it wants to do. Let Mother Freedom embrace you. There’s no lock, it’s all on your imagination so you might as well use that wild imagination of yours to open the invisible and nonexistent locks and doors to eternal happiness and freedom.  Best wishes, my friend!


Smiling next to you, WittyWriter


P.S.: I don’t mean to frighten you.


Cheers, Sheerleader


Purpose for writing:

I was just trying to figure out how much of wit can affect people through writing. I know it actually depends. There’s a lot of factor, the writer, the reader, a lot, their field of experiences and knowledge which shows how much of the humor they understood, the extent of concentration of the reader, considering the noises and distractions in the environment including the reader’s position while reading. Lawls.


Duuuh. Again, I repeat my purpose. I write to express.


Kala mo trip lang to? No, it isn’t. Because tripping is a way of expressing yourself too. Expressing how bored you are. Lels. No, I ain’t bored. I was actually sleepy while writing this. It just that writing makes my spirit alive. So again, it all boils down to expressing my free spirit. Good night. I’m gonna close my eyes now. See you in my dreams. Leave a comment if you find this interesting and if not, still leave a comment. Thank you.

Written: December 28, 2015

(Kinda outdated)



I am not a dreamer. I'm a dreamcatcher!

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